Welcome to CLCK Photo Studio

Need a professional photographer? We can assist you in the studio or simply let you sit back and relax and while we do all the hard work for you.
W From concept to completion, our experienced team provides a range of bespoke services – from styling compositions to shooting, processing digital images and even managing projects and image databases.
Selling a product? We specialise in cinemagraphs and innovative 360° photography that ensures your product stands out.
For our team of professionals, photography is a passion not just a job. Find out more about all four of our cutting-edge CLCK photography studios at our branches in Krakow, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague today! 

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See your product from every angle.

We specialise in 360° photography. The technology we use enables us to show products from every possible angle. With automatic rotation or simply by moving the mouse, viewers can see faithful, professional images of materials, textures and proportions – without the need for long and unnecessary descriptive texts.


There’s something incredibly magical about the worlds of cinema and photography coming together

Bringing static images to life like this is a simple yet effective way to catch a viewer’s attention – especially on social media platforms.


Bring your creative vision to life with short videos

We regularly produce culinary videos – developing recipes, organising locations, food styling, video editing, image processing, and curating accompanying audio.
Finished animations can be posted on social media or directly onto websites. What’s more, we also offer editing services, colour matching, subtitles implementation, FX, sound, reader recording, and much (much!) more.